Spicy Tofu From Max’s

It was the first time I tried Spicy Tofu from max’s restaurant and I was surprised how delicious it was. I think there’s mayonnaise in it. But I know this is not something I can eat while writing about Reeds rings as it can be really messy and might stain my keyboard.

For our next Max’s restaurant trip, I will definitely order this one.

Anchor Home Chef Kit

Because I am into baking now (wooohooo!!! confetti please! haha) butter is now my best friend. And when I saw this Anchor Home Chef Kit at Shopwise, I have to hoard! It comes with free cookie cutters, 3 cookie cutters. Now, I need to learn how to make cookies. The only cookie I know how to bake is Chocolate Chip Cookies.

The good thing about baking chocolate chip cookies is I can do other things after I prepare the dough (it requires to be refrigerated for at least 4 hours before baking). I can do the laundry, read about mapex saturn from musicians friend or blog, write and clean the house.

Frozen Inspired Ice Cream

While I was busy looking for good pignose amp, the kids asked my for an ice cream. I run to the nearest store in our subdivision and here’s what I got! Arce Dairy Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream! The color of the ice cream is perfect for the Frozen themed party that we are planning!

The ice cream taste good but does not taste like a blueberry cheesecake, for me, taste like bubble gum flavored ice cream.

Our New Favorite Juice Drink

I recently discovered this from new juice drink from Del Monte. It’s not actually new, since Del Monte has been carrying this flavor for a time already (specially the pineapple). What makes this juice drink new is it’s packaging, twist-able cap!

Pocky Almond Crush

Pocky ALmond Crush is now my favorite buddy as I browse for new trombone at musicians friend. We bought this at Duty Free for $2+, I think. It was really good (argh goodbye diet!) expensive yes, but the quality of the chocolate and the almond is worth every dollar.

I look for this online, hoping it would cheaper at Amazon.. the price is the same. Maybe Pocky is cheaper in Japan.