S[icy Tofu From Max’s

It was the first time I tried Spicy Tofu from max’s restaurant and I was surprised how delicious it was. I think there’s mayonnaise in it. But I know this is not something I can eat while writing about Reeds rings as it can be really messy and might stain my keyboard.

For our next Max’s restaurant trip, I will definitely order this one.

Anchor Home Chef Kit

Because I am into baking now (wooohooo!!! confetti please! haha) butter is now my best friend. And when I saw this Anchor Home Chef Kit at Shopwise, I have to hoard! It comes with free cookie cutters, 3 cookie cutters. Now, I need to learn how to make cookies. The only cookie I know how…

Frozen Inspired Ice Cream

While I was busy looking for good pignose amp, the kids asked my for an ice cream. I run to the nearest store in our subdivision and here’s what I got! Arce Dairy Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream! The color of the ice cream is perfect for the Frozen themed party that we are planning! The ice…

Our New Favorite Juice Drink

I recently discovered this from new juice drink from Del Monte. It’s not actually new, since Del Monte has been carrying this flavor for a time already (specially the pineapple). What makes this juice drink new is it’s packaging, twist-able cap!

Pocky Almond Crush

Pocky ALmond Crush is now my favorite buddy as I browse for new trombone at musicians friend. We bought this at Duty Free for $2+, I think. It was really good (argh goodbye diet!) expensive yes, but the quality of the chocolate and the almond is worth every dollar. I look for this online, hoping it…