Del Monte Gourmet Collection: Carbonara

The newest from Del Monte Gourmet Sauce collection, Carbonara. I like carbonara but I don’t usually cook it. For those who are not familiar with how to properly cook carbonara, you have to be quick because you are taking advantage of the heat to cook the egg. And another, it’s because of the egg why I don’t usually cook it. Since the egg was not cooked, it can be at risk to salmonella which can be harmful to the kids. Now with this newest offering from Del Monte Gourmet Collection, we can have carbonara anytime we want.


  1. whoa thanks for sharing pehps atleast mas madali n pagluto ko ng carbonara ahahhaa fav ni hubby yan but i dunno how to cook it =(

  2. u8mypinkcookies says:

    cool :) I’m not fond of white sauce but my sister is, so I think we can just use this one so it’ll be easier to prepare :)

  3. sa wakas mas lalong sasarap ang luto ko sa carbonara.tipid pa sa budget.tnxs to del monte.

  4. we tried it last month and it was OK. though you still have to add bacon, ham tuna, or anything to make it more malasa (plus salt & pepper to taste). But it’s good that it’s not a hassle to make carbonara sauce anymore. We bought the Beef & Mushroom naman, will try it next time.

  5. girlie calvaredo says:

    I’d like to cook a carbonara but i don’t know how to cook it,,so I think I must try the newest from Del Monte. And I think my kids will surelly love it.


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