Popular Filipino Dishes

Filipinos are great chefs but the popular Filipino dishes isn’t cooked by the chefs who went to study culinary arts in famous schools but the foods which are prepared by the hands of a loving wife and mother. These popular dishes includes but not limited to “Adobong Baboy”(pork marinated in garlic, soy sauce and vinegar), “Pinakbet” (a vegetable dish cooked with bagoong), “Escabeche” (a fish dish with a sweet and sour taste), “Ginataan” (any dish cooked with coconut milk), and “Kaldereta” (goat stew).

These are common Filipino dishes that are prepared in a Filipino home as viands but have been famous because of its delicious taste. Filipinos are good cooks not because we have studied it but because we prepared it with love for the people who will eat our dishes. Because every meal time in our home is considered a family bonding time in which we can openly talk with one another while eating.

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